Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All minutes to a meeting must have an agenda

Most company or association or even organization would hold monthly meeting just to inform their, staff, guest or members about the coming events thats is going to take place or promotion that will going to held. Attending association meeting is quite fun as most of the time food and drinks is given to their invited members. As most minutes to a good meeting is the same where minutes are distributes to their members more than ten days in advance where members have more time to prepare and even they will give you less excuse for not able to turn up for the meeting.

All minutes to a meeting must have an agenda to the meeting, Weather it small or big. Agenda is a guild to the meeting that you want to discuss or to let the members knows what is going on. Stated the time and the venue clearly so the members won't be late. If refreshment is given, is best to give one hour before the meeting so all members will turn up early and have time to group and discuss about the coming meeting. Never go back with your meeting if their is a late comers and try to end the meeting on time to avoid members looking on their watch.