Monday, October 29, 2007

A meeting is a must if a company with many outlet

Meeting is a very important things to many big company when the company has many outlet to handle. A weekly meeting is a must to let your outlet excutive know what you are expecting and what you want them to come up for you. During the last ten years I was working with a hapermarket firms as an excutive in a mens department. Every school holidays and festival seasons expecially the chinese new year, hari raya, christmas and the deepavali we had to come out with new fashion, discount and gifts to attracted customber to your market.

After the meeting, I would hold a minutes to a meeting with my juniors to let know what i am expecting and what we are coming up. Most of the time i would like them to participated in the meeting. before the meeting I will perpare an Agenda and the time and date that I want the meeting to be on. Every of my staff has to be there, if happen to be their off day their have to change to others days. Meeting is so good that I don't have to go back with them after the meeting and besides they produce me a wonderful jobs.