Friday, June 20, 2008

Having a good minutes to a meeting

Having a good minutes to a meeting you needs some preparation before the meeting is held. A good meeting you needs agenda as a guild line to the things you want to discuss in the meeting and besides the invited participant know what is going to discuss in the meeting and also it will provided a time frame of the meeting. The agenda had to be distributed to the people you want to invite at least a few days in advance for them to prepare and cancel other appointment.

Time and venue of the meeting must be state clearly so to avoid lateness and misunderstanding. Give a skeleton time that the meeting should be finish and the time must not be too long away from the time given. It is best to finish the meeting on time or before time. Every minutes talk must be given a time frame as some people would drag on the same tropic too long. Go to another minutes or another person if you find that person are wasting too much time by thanking him and proceed to another. Forget about late comers, proceed to the meeting on time as you had already stated very clearly in the minutes to the meeting.



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