Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All minutes to a meeting must have an agenda

Most company or association or even organization would hold monthly meeting just to inform their, staff, guest or members about the coming events thats is going to take place or promotion that will going to held. Attending association meeting is quite fun as most of the time food and drinks is given to their invited members. As most minutes to a good meeting is the same where minutes are distributes to their members more than ten days in advance where members have more time to prepare and even they will give you less excuse for not able to turn up for the meeting.

All minutes to a meeting must have an agenda to the meeting, Weather it small or big. Agenda is a guild to the meeting that you want to discuss or to let the members knows what is going on. Stated the time and the venue clearly so the members won't be late. If refreshment is given, is best to give one hour before the meeting so all members will turn up early and have time to group and discuss about the coming meeting. Never go back with your meeting if their is a late comers and try to end the meeting on time to avoid members looking on their watch.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Having a good minutes to a meeting

Having a good minutes to a meeting you needs some preparation before the meeting is held. A good meeting you needs agenda as a guild line to the things you want to discuss in the meeting and besides the invited participant know what is going to discuss in the meeting and also it will provided a time frame of the meeting. The agenda had to be distributed to the people you want to invite at least a few days in advance for them to prepare and cancel other appointment.

Time and venue of the meeting must be state clearly so to avoid lateness and misunderstanding. Give a skeleton time that the meeting should be finish and the time must not be too long away from the time given. It is best to finish the meeting on time or before time. Every minutes talk must be given a time frame as some people would drag on the same tropic too long. Go to another minutes or another person if you find that person are wasting too much time by thanking him and proceed to another. Forget about late comers, proceed to the meeting on time as you had already stated very clearly in the minutes to the meeting.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meeting can be good or bad depends on how the meeting is held and conducted.

Meeting is a must in big organization and company. Meeting can be good or bad depends on how the meeting is held and conducted. Before a meeting an agenda has to be prepared to let the person who is going to attend the meeting knows the tropics that is going to discuss. An agenda has to be distributed one weeks early to give them time to prepare and make them able to attend the meeting. All important issue has to be underlined.

Stated the time of the meeting and venue
of the meeting clearly to avoid misunderstanding. Put the time when you expect the meeting to end. Stick to the issue thats is going to be discuss in the meeting. Never drag too long in one subject and limits a time for one speakers. Thanks the speakers after they have finish speaking. Never wait for late comers, started the meeting on time and never go back to the early discuss if the latecomer turns up. Get someone to minutes the meeting. Type up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting and send them a copy, while everything is still fresh in your mind.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meeting is important to all company

The important of meeting in all company whether is a big company or a small company is plays a important role how to bring in business, and revenue to the company. Most meeting is to lets their staff knows what their are coming out in next responds, programs and plans. Meeting are most held with the higher levels staff and are motivated down to their down line staffs or assistance.

In orders to holds a good minutes to a meeting with the staff, An agenda had to be prepare but this are most prepare by the manager secretary and are go through by the manager. Time and date of the meeting where it does not interrupt the company operation. The place of the meeting.


Monday, October 29, 2007

A meeting is a must if a company with many outlet

Meeting is a very important things to many big company when the company has many outlet to handle. A weekly meeting is a must to let your outlet excutive know what you are expecting and what you want them to come up for you. During the last ten years I was working with a hapermarket firms as an excutive in a mens department. Every school holidays and festival seasons expecially the chinese new year, hari raya, christmas and the deepavali we had to come out with new fashion, discount and gifts to attracted customber to your market.

After the meeting, I would hold a minutes to a meeting with my juniors to let know what i am expecting and what we are coming up. Most of the time i would like them to participated in the meeting. before the meeting I will perpare an Agenda and the time and date that I want the meeting to be on. Every of my staff has to be there, if happen to be their off day their have to change to others days. Meeting is so good that I don't have to go back with them after the meeting and besides they produce me a wonderful jobs.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Skip the meeting if of no purpose

Most excutives spent most of their working time attending meeting whether its a good or a bad meeting, their had to attent the meeting to show their face to their superiors or their boss. But sometimes a meeting is a waste of time if the meeting is not a productive meeting. I used to attend meeting but I seldom missed our our company meeting without reasons because we only hold a meeting once a month and most of the meeting is a must to attent. The only meeting that I like to miss is the club meeting and if I attent the meeting I have to check are the meeting for.

The things that I look when attenting club meeting are, What is the agenda of the meeting. If the minutes to a meeting is of no purpose I will skip it. The person attending or chairing the meeting. I remmember one time that I attened a club meeting but in the end there was fighting everywhere, throwing chairs and whatever things they can hold. The place of the meeting, Time start and time end of the meeting. Most club meeting are not puncture. I hate not puncture meeting so i seldom attent club meeting and beside it is one sided meeting.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Speak and be heard during the meeting

I attened a minutes to a meeting where a very powerful man was chairing the meeting. The meeting was not very long and about twenty persons attended the meeting. Before the meeting we were invited to had a short snacks. The meeting started abouts twenty minutes late, waiting the arrived of the speaker.

Inside the meeting rooms we took our seated and last joined by the chairman. Agenda of the meeting was then given to us. The meeting was about decision making and the coming joined business with other company. During the meeting everybody in the room knowns a bad decision is being made but nobody dare to said out because the man is a very powerful man. After the meeting we regret for not voicing out.