Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holding a good and a bad minutes to a meeting

Holding a good and a bad minutes to a meeting it mostly depends on the people who is chairing the meeting. A well reputation, respected and trusted people chairing the meeting are most attended by most people whereby a not famous person will always get excuses from people who are suppose to attend the minutes to a meeting with excuses and reasons.

Holding a good meeting a agenda has to be prepare and given a day or two before the meeting. Time must be strictly follow. If the time is stated 3pm in the agenda it must be started at 3pm. Never go back to the things that has been discussed if some of the members walk in late. Try to get the members to participated in the meeting and praise them wether the tropic is good or bad. See that the discussion discused is not out from the agenda. Ends the meeting on time.

Bad meeting is always started late and things that discussed are always out from the agenda and sometimes the things that discussed can started a quarrel. Members are talking to each other when the chairman is talking. The meeting always finish very early.