Monday, August 20, 2007

Skip the meeting if of no purpose

Most excutives spent most of their working time attending meeting whether its a good or a bad meeting, their had to attent the meeting to show their face to their superiors or their boss. But sometimes a meeting is a waste of time if the meeting is not a productive meeting. I used to attend meeting but I seldom missed our our company meeting without reasons because we only hold a meeting once a month and most of the meeting is a must to attent. The only meeting that I like to miss is the club meeting and if I attent the meeting I have to check are the meeting for.

The things that I look when attenting club meeting are, What is the agenda of the meeting. If the minutes to a meeting is of no purpose I will skip it. The person attending or chairing the meeting. I remmember one time that I attened a club meeting but in the end there was fighting everywhere, throwing chairs and whatever things they can hold. The place of the meeting, Time start and time end of the meeting. Most club meeting are not puncture. I hate not puncture meeting so i seldom attent club meeting and beside it is one sided meeting.