Monday, March 26, 2007

Attending minutes to a meeting

Every minutes to a meeting has its good and bad. Sometimes when you attened a minutes of meeting you find it very dull because the agenda in the minutes did not go with the meeting. The time of the meeting is not very puncture as people always comes in late even the speaker is late of the meeting. Hardly 5 to 6 people attened the meeting. Always you can watch people walk in and out when the meeting is in proseed and people talking to each others when the speakers is talking. This we called bad meeting.

A good minutes to a meeting must have a agenda prepare and distributes a few days early for them to prepare. Put the goals for the meeting on the top of the agenda. These should appear as headlines above each major part of the agenda. Invited people only that can contributes to the meeting. The meeting must be on to the started time. Never wait for late commers and never go back to the agenda for late commers. Try to end the meeting in time unless the tropic is very important. Always stick to the agenda that you going discussed in the agenda.